Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing needs for our children and young people are paramount. We strive to ensure they are met and receive guidance and advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We will work alongside parents, Community Nurses, Social Workers, Behavioural Therapists, Teachers and other professionals involved with the health and welfare of the young person in order to ensure that children and young people live in a healthy environment, their health needs are identified and services are provided to meet them.

Each young person has a health plan and the care team ensures that each young person receives any medical or dental assistance, which they require. In addition, they provide the comfort and support, which children and young people need when they are ill.

Wherever possible children and young people visit their own doctor and dentist; if this is not possible arrangements will be made for a new doctor or dentist in line with the young person’s needs and preferences. Emergency health needs will be met by either the use of the local accident and emergency department or the on-call GP.

Prior to admission the Manager or the young person’s Primary Care Worker will liaise with parents, carers, Social Workers and other agencies involved in the young person’s health care in order to establish a clear written health plan (within their Placement Plan) covering:

  • Medical history
  • Any specific medical or other health interventions, which may be required
  • Any necessary preventative measures
  • Allergies or known adverse reactions to medication
  • Dental, hearing or optical needs
  • Specific treatments, therapies or remedial programmes needed in relation to physical, emotional or mental health
  • Health monitoring required of staff.

Staff members receive training in first aid, the administration of medication and the treatment of minor accidents or illnesses. All treatment and administration of medication will be given in line with our written policy and guidelines to the team which includes instructions on statutory notifications to OFSTED, written records kept within the home and the safe storage and disposal of medications.

In addition to attending to current health needs, the care team oversee that children and young people receive age and culturally appropriate advice on health-related matters in order for them to make considered choices and take appropriate action in relation to their own health needs.

Issues covered relate to smoking, alcohol, the use of drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, Hep C, HIV and AIDS. This advice will be in the form of one to one Primary Discussion sessions, group meetings, the supply of literature and information, and referrals to specialist services if required.

If a young person has therapeutic needs, these will be addressed in the course of Looked After Children reviews and arrangements made to provide appropriate assistance in consultation with all interested parties and consistent with the young person’s Care Plan.

All medications are stored and administered in accordance with the home’s Medication Policy. Medication will only be administered by staff members that are trained in the Safe Handling of Medicines. Homely remedies will only be administered when a consent form is signed by the parent / carer, GP or consultant or if the remedy has been prescribed.

No specialist healthcare or therapy will be provided in the service unless provide be the young person placing authority.