Here at Gracebridge Care, we understand the importance of education for our young residents and what they need to be happy, successful, healthy and safe, actively encouraging learning and development.

Our residents are:

Given a variety of learning experiences and opportunities e.g. work experience, group discussions, educational outings, research and projects.

The opportunity to reach their full academic potential and achieve recognised qualifications

Given structure to daily living routines

Encouraged to socialise safely both in house and within the community.

All of our young residents must have an agreement from the placing authority to provide education at the initial placement planning meeting. Our aim is re-engage young people in education if they are currently not engaging. For those in education, we aim to provide support and where young people are progressing, we will support the Pathway Planning process.

Gracebridge Care also provides project work which is individualised to each young person and their needs regarding educational support. This is completed once a week, as well as education.

Gracebridge Care is not a registered provider of education. However, we do provide a team of staff to support the young people in order to maximise inclusion, opportunity and individual potential.

Education support staff can work in partnership with placing authorities to support and identify mainstream education plans. Wherever possible we will provide transport and equipment such as pens and books etc. We will also provide supervised access to computers.

At the end of year 11 we will have a Pathway Plan and this must involve potential employment, a college placement, modern apprenticeship programme or further education.