Our Homes

Gracebridge Care believes in providing a warm, caring and nurturing environment where our young residents can feel at home and thrive. Our child-centered individualised care allows us to meet the needs of the children and young people so they can reach their full potential.

We provide residential care for young people aged between 10-18 years of age. Our goal is to support children and young people to fulfill their potential, grow into independent adults and have happy, successful futures.

Our homes, Grace House, Malvern House and Shirley House provide a safe home environment, where we support young people that have emotional and social behaviour difficulties (EBD).

We want our children and young people to feel safe and secure in our homes, so they can blossom into their true selves within a homely environment filled with care and positivity.

All of our homes are located in the West Midlands and have been adapted with the young people in mind to allow for it to reflect family dwelling and comfort.