Care Planning

Gracebridge Care provides placement for young people aged between 10 and 18 years old in the care of the Local Authority. Due to the nature of the home, we accommodate young people who have complex needs arising from past experiences and who now display behavioural and emotional difficulties, which is their primary care need.

Where possible, prior to the commencement of the placement, we would require as much relevant statutory documents as possible that describes the historical experiences of the young person, the family dynamics and current relationships. All the current concerns must be highlighted and the risk posed to the young person from themselves and/or the risks they may pose to others. A matching considerations risk assessment is undertaken regarding the new placement and the young people already resident. The Manager and the relevant members of the care team will discuss the placement and determine whether or not the placement is suitable for Grace House.

Once the placement has been agreed, an Initial Risk Assessment and Behaviour Management Plan will be undertaken. We believe that any move for a young person is a traumatic experience and therefore, whenever possible, should be managed with a structured plan. However, this does not preclude emergency referrals in some instances.

Grace House will require as much detailed information as possible - this will include details of the reason for the placement, historical experiences of the young person, the family dynamics and current relationships.

  • This information may be taken over the telephone.
  • The placement may be refused at this point.
  • If the placement is accepted, this will be for an initial two-week period only.

Upon arrival at the home the relevant placement objectives and Looked After paperwork must be provided.

A Post-Placement meeting will be held within 72 hours of the commencement of the placement. Thereafter, an Initial Risk Assessment and Behaviour Management Plan shall be undertaken. Gracebridge Care will undertake a risk assessment prior to the placement being offered. The placing authority will be required to provide all relevant completed LAC (Looked After Children) documentation, a face-to-face or telephone discussion with a Senior Manager, together with relevant care or referral orders.

We work with the young people to help them understand their behaviour and its effect on others and themselves, whilst providing an environment that provides a secure base for young people to develop emotionally and mentally to enable them to form positive attachment relationships in the future. Risk Management Plans inform our work with all young people placed with us. These are formulated together with a young person and ensure that all situations are safe and managed in the young person’s best interest.

Upon arrival, young people will be welcomed and reassured and we will ensure the following:

  • That the young person is welcomed and introduced by the Manager, Senior Shift Leader or the Shift Leader for that day.
  • That the young person’s bedroom has been prepared for their arrival – with a blank canvas so the young people can personalise their space with their own unique style.
  • That their immediate physical needs will be met.
  • Given a tour of the home.
  • That time is taken to explain what will happen next.
  • That the young person has received a copy of the Children’s Guide and a member of staff spends time explaining it.
  • That particular attention is paid to the building evacuation and complaints section.

Care is taken that this process is both informal and young person-centered. It is designed to offer reassurance and to minimise the anxieties and worries that young people experience when arriving at a new place. A full fire drill/evacuation of the building routine will be carried out within 48 hours of a new admission.