Our Approach

Our team uses a person-centered approach and ensures we take an individualised approach to each young person residing within one of our homes 

We believe our young residents should be offered the same choices, chances and opportunities as other children. Our children and young people have access to a wide range of activities, experiences, education and resources.


Getting prepared for later life

We believe that making mistakes and learning from these is an important part of transitioning into adulthood and developing life skills.

We want our children and young people to build resilience through some degree of independence autonomy over their own live, which includes being able to take calculated risks.

Therapeutic Input


Clinical Psychologist Providing Therapeutic Input at Gracebridge Care

We have a clinical psychologist who is dedicated to providing therapeutic input. Their primary responsibility is to oversee and supervise the quality of care provided by our staff. By working collaboratively with the team, they develop best practices and procedures that promote the well-being of our young residents. This includes identifying stress factors, self-esteem challenges, relationship dynamics, and cognitive function. They help to develop support plans and establish common practices to ensure a safe and consistent environment.

In addition, the psychologist identifies any training needs of the staff and provides signposting to other mental health trusts to provide comprehensive care and support for all. Our ultimate goal is to empower our young residents and provide them with an outlet to express themselves.